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US Tax Return Preparation and Advisory Services for

Pavla Melkova

First-class tax compliance

Filing your U.S. tax return

Form 1040, 1040X, or 1040NR, and all related forms and schedules

Receiving refunds

Having the correct amount of tax withheld when receiving tax refund

Foreign Bank Account Report

FBAR – Reporting your non-US financial accounts                      

IRS Notices

Answering letters from the IRS or help any question you may have

Step-by-Step Process


Get started

Contact us by email, phone, or the website contact form.


Let's meet

Shortly after sharing your contact details, you will receive a call or an email and depending on your request, we will schedule a meeting or have a phone call and discuss the next steps.


Upload and obtain a price quote

You will upload the documents required to prepare your tax return or to analyze your situation through our online secure portal. We will review and provide a price quote.


Review & Pay

You receive the draft of your tax return. After your review, we will answer your questions. You receive an invoice for our services.


You are done

Your tax return has been e-filed or paper filed and now you are worry free until next year.

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